2015 Schedule & Cities

The spectacular 2015 Circus is coming to a city or town near you! Click on a city from the tour calendar for more complete information about showtimes, ticketing and circus venues.

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Wichita Falls

Sep 23

Wichita Falls

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The Shrine Circus has been a family tradition in American since 1906. It was the first circus to actually use three rings. The Shrine circus brings you a spectacular experience that combines strength, skill and beauty of the performers and the animals. You will be amazed at the lights, sounds and smells as our performers transforms the three rings into a magical world for adults and children of all ages.

All Shrine Circus shows are unique.* Performances may include the motorcycle riders inside the Globe. Watch as not one, not two, not three, not four but five motorcycles zoom around inside the steel globe just feet apart. You get dizzy just watching it but you cannot take your eyes off it.

Watch as a human being is shot out of a cannon all the way across the arena. The Shrine Circus has the world record holder as a cannon ball. Dave Smith has traveled almost 75 miles per hour and over 193 feet. Do not blink or you might miss him!

The clowns will entertain the children and well as the adults. Watch as they interact with their small animal friends in hilarious skits which have the adults laughing harder than the children.

This circus is a family fun event with kid's activities. The Circus Pre-party starts 1 hour before the show. Kid's activities may include elephant, camel or pony rides, face painting, bounce houses and the actual stars of the circus. Get up close and personal with these strong, beautiful and amazing performers. It's a family fun event for all ages that you don't want to miss. Admission to the Circus Pre-party is free with you paid admission to the circus.

The Shrine Circus brings quality and affordable family entertainment to towns both big and small across the United States. Each year thousands of children get to see this wonderful performance for free do to the generosity of our sponsors.

The Shrine Circus is a major fundraiser for local fraternity and operations of the local Shrine Circus. The local Shriners in your city are best known for the community service and civic involvement in local charity events and their support for the Shriners Hospital for Children.

*Not all acts mentioned will appear at all of our shows, as not all circus venues can accommodate the logistical needs of the performers.